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About TestNOW


About TestNOW

TestNOW has seen unprecedented growth since June—growing from one drive-thru testing location to 30 drive-thru sites to help build and scale an infrastructure that has provided core COVID-19 testing services to all Arizonans.

We’re meeting Arizona’s critical demand and need for affordable access to testing — we provide 40% of Arizona’s daily testing services. We plan to scale, adapt, and adjust our organization as required to best serve our community. This includes providing seasonal flu vaccinations at all of our test sites and plans to provide the COVID-19 vaccination, once approved.

Joellen Embry, WHNP founded Embry Women’s Center and brought like-minded healthcare professionals onboard to realize her goal of combining compassion with advanced, comprehensive treatment for their patients. At the onset of COVID-19, Raymond Embry and Zachary Travis saw opportunity to increase ease of access to necessary testing for all Arizona residents. Since then, Embry Health and companies have been addressing the need for widespread access to women’s health, COVID-19 testing, and seasonal vaccinations.

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